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NGL Marketing & Fulfill

Marketing 市场及品牌拓展

We work with you to market your products online and offline in the USA market, from product start to launch, we now have all production tools and tactics available to create impactful messaging resulting in revenue generation. We work closely with many major players in the USA market such as Target, Bloomingdales, Walmart, Apple Store, Amazon, Nordstrom etc.


·        Content Management  内容管理

·        Communications Strategy  沟通及营销策略

·        Email Campaigns  电子邮件推广

·        Events & Tradeshows  品牌活动及展销会承办

·        Photography  专业拍摄

·        Public Relations  公共关系管理

Brand Partners 目前合作的部分品牌

Retailer Partners 目前合作的部分商场




Warehousing 仓库管理:

Inventory management and control  库存管理及把控

Order processing, inbound and outbound 订单处理及发货/收货管理

Bar-coding, re-packaging, labeling and quality control 贴标服务,重新包装服务及质量把控服务

Yard management 货场管理

Vendor/carrier performance 经销商及物流派送服务商对接

Cross-docking / flow distribution 落地配送服务

Static and dynamic replenishment 补货管理

Load building 卸柜/装柜服务

Kitting and value added services 货物安装及其他增值服务


Distribution services 分销服务:

Order fulfillment, pick and pack by order, SKU etc. 仓库抓货服务,SKU库存管理

Retail store distribution 线上及线下分销商管理

Replenishment and fulfillment programs 补货及第三方仓储管理

Cross-docking and transloading 落地配送服务

Inventory control 库存把控及预警

Return management and reverse logistics programs 退货管理及退货库存管理

Special order handling, refurbishment and kitting 针对特殊订单的处理及其他增值服务